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Our Organic Buckwheat Flour is formed by harvesting and grounding buckwheat kernels into flour. The flour has a slightly earthy and bitter taste, giving a unique taste to the flour. It is perfect for your breakfast favorites and can produce a tender and delicate texture to your end product as it is gluten-free.

The product should be stored in a cool and dry place.

How To Use
The flour should be mixed into your recipe as instructed. However, it should not be over-mixed or beaten into the product as the texture may be cement-like if overdone. Small amounts of this flour should be added to your baked goods each time.

Recommended Recipes
Buckwheat crepes and scones, butter cakes or buckwheat biscuits or cookies. The flour can also be made into delicious soba noodles.

We also have Wholegrain wheat and White Quinoa.

Technical Details
  • Vacuum packed Pure Buckwheat flour
  • Harvested from Bumthang Dzongkhag
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Net weight 1kg

Bhutan Superfood and Herbs sells organic products grown by local farmers to its customers. Our mission is to cater to the growing need for organic food and also provide a platform for local farmers to earn a livelihood. We also hope to raise awareness of the importance of organic farming to the overall health of the nation.