Supreme pickles with different flavours – Tshejor’s Ayzey


Pickles or Ezay in Dzongkha Langauge can be made of vegetables, fruits or meat by preserving them in vinegar or oil for a long time, some are fried and some are roasted. Tsejor produces some of the finest pickles from Bhutan that are blended with exotic herbs, spices, condiments and vegetables from Bhutan. Try the Spicy Flavors of Bhutan

  1. Dalle Chilli Paste ( red hot cherry pepper)
  2. Tree Tomato
  3. Prickly Ash pepper (szechuan pepper)
  4. Fermented Cheese (Zoedoe in local language)
  5. Perilla Cheese

One can also get a mixed pickle, made with a variety of vegetables pickled together.

Technical Details
  • Bottled in 200g
  • Dimensions: 5x5x10cm

Aluminum-sealed Pouches are available in 250 gm packs.


Mrs. Tshewang Dem had the idea of producing homemade Bhutanese pickles combining a unique blend of local ingredients. Her “Tshejor Ayzey” (homemade pickles) quickly became very popular and were produced in greater quantity to meet growing market demand. To target chilly lovers living abroad, Mrs. Tshewang also produced and packaged pickles in a way that made them easy to transport.. As a female entrepreneur, Mrs. Tshewang Dem is eager to inspire other women who strive to gain financial independence. Mrs. Tshewang Dem won the award of Loden Entrepreneur of the year 2015.