Thuenpa punzhi

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One of Bhutan’s favorite fable is that of the four friends. It symbolizes social harmony, integrity, unity, generosity and fidelity. It illustrates the concept of teamwork and cooperation. The story tells how the elephant, monkey, pheasant and rabbit worked together to obtain a continual supply of fruits. The peacock found the seed and planted it, the rabbit watered it, the monkey fertilized it and the elephant guarded it. When the fruit was ripe the tree was so high that they could not reach the top. The animals made a tower by climbing on one another’s backs and plucked the fruit from the high branches.

Size:  A3 Size
Dimension: 47 cm x 35 cm

Name: Tashi Wangdi
Level: 3rd Level, Painting
DoB: 5th February, 1996

I am from Khalong, Mongar, eastern Bhutan. I couldn’t qualify for government school. On advice of my relatives, I joined CTAS.

I feel that sometimes I would like to help people, at an emotional level as there are lot of youth issues in our country. But I think I am not qualified to give such advice. So, I see my paintings as my own sharing of these thoughts. This painting for instance best illustrates how team work through cooperation and collaboration can address challenges and achieve our goals. It has always been an inspiring story which we have heard from young age and seen everywhere. So, painting this was such an enjoyable and satisfying experience for me.

I am highly indebted to the school and all supporters for making available such wonderful opportunities for youths like myself.